Say NO to false solutions

Say NO to false solutions

Probably the most popular pitch Solarpunk VC is sent is for new Carbon Offset businesses. Personally, I find the entire model completely nonsensical and the reality of offsets is giving big polluters permission to continue to pollute. Here's the best explainer video on that I've ever seen.

We don't invest in any startups where their core product involves offsets, carbon capture, electric cars, biomass, hydrogen fuel, or anything that the research clearly tells us is net negative for our planet. Especially when these fields are hot for other VCs and raising lots of capital it is important to not be fooled.

The idea of carbon offsets and other false solutions must be rejected in favor of truly sustainable practices that will benefit the planet and its people in the long run.

Despite the challenges posed by false climate solutions, there is much to be inspired by in the world of sustainable practices. From dramatically plunging costs of renewable energy sources, to the growth of regenerative agriculture and conservation efforts, we are seeing real change happening all around us. Solutions that are not only good for the planet, but are also creating jobs and supporting communities in ways that make a real difference in people's lives.

We are inspired by the progress being made every day. The journey towards a sustainable future may be long and difficult, but we are confident that with the right support, many entrepreneurs will find the journey well worth taking.